Direct Investment in Manufacturing

KD Catering Supplies' Unique Capabilities

KD Catering Supplies is not just your ordinary middleman importer and supplier, it is a true partner in your business. Our capability to lead and influence the entire production process and the capability to price and deliver products in response to market changes are second to none in the industry.

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Direct Investment in Paper Cup Manufacturer

KD Catering Supplies invests directly with paper cup manufacturer in China. It allows us to be involved in product design, material sourcing, quality control and many other aspects of the manufacturing process to ensure we can deliver what we promised to our customers.
Our plant in China has attained ISO9001, FDA and SGS certification in terms of product quality and production process.

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Direct Investment in Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

KD Catering Supplies has also acquired an equity stake in a production facility that manufactures disposable plastic cutlery, plastic cups and containers. The production facility is based in Ningbo China, which is currently producing products for Walmart, Woolworths, Coles, Tesco etc. It passed Llyods audit on ISO22000 for its food safety management, HACCP and BRC quality management system. It has also met the requirements for FDA certification.